We have some AMAZING fundraising ideas going on! Love them all! Here is another EASY fundraiser that everyone could be a part of! It is a little unique to some of the other fundraisers, reaching out to many people you don’t even know!!
WHO: EVERYONE! Anyone who wants to participate in an easy fundraiser! If you get worried about asking people for a lot of money, this fundraiser is for you! Also, this fundraiser is nice because it gets to those people who you probably haven’t asked for money yet, people you don’t even know!

WHAT: Spread A Smile Campaign!! The Spread A Smile campaign is a great way to spread awareness! The great thing about this campaign, you can go as BIG or little as you want. The idea is to sell these “smiles” for $1 each (see attached design). When a person chooses to support the cause they donate $1, put their name in the center on the line, and then they stick it up on a wall with all the other “smiles”. *I have attached an example of another fundraiser done and what that would look like.


1. Each person would DOWNLOAD the attached file and PRINT them on their own. Due to time and shipping expenses I decided that it would be easiest to have everyone print their own this time around. I printed mine at Best Value Copy- I ordered 500 sheets ( = 1000 smiles since there are 2 per sheet) for $62, that includes shipping. I printed them as colored copies. That is the only expense in these, the rest is just asking!

2. Next you would need to DECIDE WHERE to sell them at, and go TALK to those places. Suggestions of places: schools, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. If you are selling at a store they will probably have to set up a “look up” number (so it can just be added to the person’s bill rather than separate cash needed) but that is super easy so don’t let that discourage you! If doing it at school you could find personnel (maybe the secretary) to keep track of the money– maybe a group of kids to go around to classrooms and sell, or the lunch room. Another option is (if you are already selling something like bracelets or tattoos at school, then you could let them put a smiley up for their donation that way). The smiles would raise awareness ( and look really cool!) **See some suggestions for asking below.

3. When you have several smiles on the wall (maybe Sept 18) TAKE PICTURES! Take pictures with the group of people selling…take pictures with your kid with those people…take pictures with your family and the people…JUST TAKE A BUNCH OF PICTURES 🙂 If you make sure the business gets a copy of the picture, they will probably be willing to put it up at their store, put it in a newsletter, etc.

4. THANK YOU and TAKE DOWN. Make sure that you thank the business in some way and also offer to help take the smiles down. They will probably offer to do it, but it can’t hurt to ask!

WHEN: ASAP! I have attached the file that you can use to print and get started as soon as you can. Your fundraising could start ASAP and end the week of Sept 18!

Spread A Smile Campaign for PTHS design (not the one to print, just showing the design here):


* From the Retts Syndrome Foundation, similar fundraiser they did

**Some suggestions when asking:

-Take the papers with you when you go ask so they can see them (or at least a digital copy if waiting for print)

-Ask them if they would be willing to help you spread a smile and support pitt hopkins syndrome– give them a little background on PTHS (Maybe even take a copy of the awareness flyer to show them and put up in the business)

-Make sure to educate them on what you want them to say — because when they are trying to sell them, they will be asked what it is for–make it clear:

1. It is for a boy or girl in our community (maybe even tell name of child if feel comfortable with that)

2. The money will go toward research to help find a treatment for PTHS

-take pens or markers for people to use to write their name

-get any unused “smiles” back and reuse next year!

***PDF to use to print! It has 2 smileys on each page. See below: