Parents Audrey and Eric Lapidus spear-headed an email fundraising campaign that raised an astounding amount. This money was raised simply by sharing their story, by opening their lives to their friends and family and their community. People want to help. All Eric and Audrey did was give them the chance they’d been looking for.

How does this affect you? Well, with these contributions, we are in a position to fund research that we hope will lead to clinical trials — research that is showing incredible potential in other genetic disorders –research that could potentially help our own children to live richer, healthier lives.

But the money we’ve raised is just a start. To really see this dream through, we need your help.

We’d love for you to get involved and help fundraise so that we can reach this goal.

We’re happy to share with you how easy it can be.

Please email us at for a sample email campaign letter you may use and customize for your family.  Thank you!