Frank J. Cole, Sr. with great granddaughter, Rylie, who has Pitt Hopkins syndrome.

Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation (PHRF) thanks you for your generous donation. Our research, which began in 2012, was a direct result of your donations. Your gift gives so much more than money — it gives all of our families hope. Over 93% of all funds donated go to finding a cure. The PHRF is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization designated under the Internal Revenue Code, and a charitable donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  The PHRF Employer Identification Number is 46-0770142.  Please email Audrey Lapidus, PHRF President, or Theresa Pauca, PHRF Vice President, at with any questions.

The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation is very grateful for donations made in loving memory of Frank J. Cole, Sr., grandfather of Board Member Heather Maginn.

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To make an international or domestic donation through a wire transfer, please contact Theresa Pauca, Vice President of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation, at for bank wiring instructions. (Donors sending a wire transfer for a tax-deductible charitable donation will receive a gift acknowledgement letter for tax filing purposes.)

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Maximize the Impact of Your Gift to PHRF Thousands of companies have matching gift programs that double or even triple the charitable contributions of their employees. Many others have donation programs that give money or in-kind donations when their employees volunteer a certain amount of time to the non-profit organization.The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation encourages you to contact your employer’s personnel or human resources department to find out if they have a Matching Gift or Volunteer Gift program. In some cases, companies will match gifts from retired employees, spouses, or members of the board of directors. If you know your employer will match your contribution, be sure to send a copy of your company’s matching gift form when you send your gift to PHRF. The PHRF Employer Identification Number is 46-0770142.  For more information about Corporate Matching gifts, please email Theresa Pauca, Vice President of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation, at for more information.

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