The Board of Directors of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation is comprised of individuals dedicated to advancing research and supporting families of children and adults with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.  The Board is actively engaged in fundraising efforts towards research, in providing parental support to families worldwide, and in offering communication and media representation for the Foundation.  

Officers and Executive Committee

Audrey Davidow Lapidus,  President

Theresa Pauca,  Vice President

Heather Maginn,  Secretary

Diane Sellew,  Treasurer

Jessica Fletcher, Director of Communications

Eric Lapidus, Director of Fundraising

Board Members

Audrey Davidow Lapidus
Eric Lapidus
Theresa Pauca
Paul Pauca
Heather Maginn
Jack Maginn
Jeff Davidow
Diane Sellew
Jessica Fletcher
Diane Krell
Traci Green
Claudette Mirigliani
Nicole Anderson
Corinne DePersis
Will Eyres